Nissa Peng Cornish

Redress, 執行總監, 香港

Nissa是環保慈善組織Redress的執行總監 ,該會肩負防止及轉化紡織廢料的使命,以促進循環經濟模式及減少時尚產業的用水、化學品及碳足跡。



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Nissa Peng Cornish

Redress, 執行總監, 香港

Speaker Sessions

2020年12月04日, 13:00 Can Plants Give us New and Visionary Solutions to Design Problems?

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Hong Kongers send over 370 tonnes of textile to landfill daily -- with roughly half being clothes.

Last year volunteers sorted over 15 tonnes of clothing into more than 30 categories including resell, donate, repurpose and recycle. © Alex Macro

The annual Get Redressed Month citywide campaign incldues a clothing drive with over 20 charity beneficiaries.

A retrospective exhibition of 10 years of Redress Design Award winning Alumni at The Mills.

The Redress Design Award celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. Menswear Prize Winner Ngoc Ha Thu's winning collection is pictured here.