Eisuke Tachikawa


Eisuke Tachikawa is a design strategist, an Associate Professor at Keio University, and the creative director of NOSIGNER.


In implementing social context—to create a beautiful future with social design, and structure design knowledge—to clarify different ways of thinking and increase innovators, we have continued design from a social perspective to realize various design projects related to social issues.


Tachikawa promotes “Evolution Thinking,” which helps generate ideas and inventions by comparing innovation with the evolution of living things to foster game-changers.

Eisuke Tachikawa


Speaker Sessions

Saturday, 05 Dec, 15:30 Stay One Tuna Apart: Design to Save Lives

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A COVID-19 collaborative resources website contributed by volunteers from all over the world. © NOSIGNER & PANDAID VOLUNTEER SUPPORTERS

A disaster preparation kit based on OLIVE (wiki-style website launched just 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake) © NOSIGNER (Takeshi Kawano)

A book encouraging Tokyo citizens to be ready for disaster. It was distributed to Tokyo’s 6.7 million households © NOSIGNER (Kunihiko Sato)

A convenient cost-effective face shield which can be made from an A4 clear file in just a few seconds © NOSIGNER & PANDAID VOLUNTEER SUPPORTERS

A humorous flyer for everyone to easily understand the proper way to respect social distancing © NOSIGNER & PANDAID VOLUNTEER SUPPORTERS