VISION 20/21 is about finding clarity in uncertainty


In times of change and ambiguity, 2020 showed us how vulnerable we all are. But, viewed differently, it gives us a fresh impetus to reimagine new possibilities based on our real needs and what truly matters.


BODW 2020 (themed on VISION 20/21) is a flagship hybrid event in Asia for design, brands and innovation and brings together visionaries and creative leaders across sectors and industries from around the world to offer a glimpse of the ‘new normal’.


In an era calling for collaborative creativity, diversity and sustainable and inclusive growth, they will share their ideas in a series of engaging hybrid LIVE high-level forums and discussions. Together with the many creative happenings across Hong Kong, BODW 2020 will provide valuable and timely insights into future trends that could inspire your own vision of success.


Please join us in this important event and let’s co-create a new world we can all live and thrive in.

9 Key Topics

Safe travels:

In a world where travelling safely seems out of reach and everyone is longing for a perfect getaway, we are here searching for a cure. Discover from industry leaders on their latest moves: from re-shaping the mobility & hospitality landscapes to diving into imaginary but plausible scenarios of what the world might look like for travellers of tomorrow.


Circular economy:

Sustainability has probably been around forever, and yet the drive to face these existential challenges is now stronger than ever. With environmental resilience being at the core of the pandemic, and numbers of climate warriors growing under “The Greta Effect’, the world has finally come to terms that we are no isolated entities but a collaborative circular network. How can people everywhere, without distinction, join the call to close the loop and accelerate a more circular economy?


Entwined Spaces:

How we perceive space will never be the same, as the impact of coronavirus on our way of life has been far-reaching. This session explores what the future holds for flexible space in the fast-paced world, where our wellbeing can flourish. How can designers and urban dwellers adapt to the new spatial paradigm that we cannot fully define?


Immersive Tech:

The convergence of design, art & tech has enhanced how we connect and experience. With the help of the machine, dynamic contents and live events are transformed into a feast for your senses. Are we witnessing the renaissance of immersive technologies? Listen to pioneers and tech disruptors who are at the forefront of innovation, constantly challenging the boundaries of live experiences.


Communication & Design:

Creative minds from East & West gather to explore endless possibilities in the realm of communication, creating new languages and motifs where visual elements intersect with interactive experiences. From artistic expression to commercial success, these avant-garde creatives have transformed our way of communication through various forms of media.


Creative leadership:

Although topsy-turvy, 2020 is the time for a creative leap. The philosophy embraces change while seeking clarity and opportunities. Creative leaders envision desirable futures while uplifting culture that empathise and unleashes creativity for people-centred innovation and collaborative synergy. Hear from visionaries and bold thinkers, discover actionable ways for integrating design thinking across the entire value creation process, producing good design and keeping people inspired.


Connected Health:

With advances in informatics and communication technologies, and challenges such as the pandemic, ageing societies and calls for affordability and accessibility of health and care services, “Connected Health” timely captures the rapid progress and dynamics of digital health developments. With rising expectations of impactful, efficient and effective delivery of health outcomes, please stay tuned to learn how human-centred design and the application of design thinking will help to better frame problems and lead to devices, services or interventions that are meaningfully designed round the needs of patients and citizens.


Brand futures:

Brands are struggling to persevere in the current pandemic and economic downturn. Creativity, human-centred design and smart use of technology remain key drivers for brand resilience. With different business ecosystem actors in play, we bring you visionaries and branding experts to look at the art, craft and design of brands that bring empathy, authenticity, meaning, refreshing and yet lasting experience. The collection of inspirations, insights and emerging practices will help to shape new business strategy and models, and open up new ways of marketing, storytelling and customer engagement.


Culture & The City:

With people at the heart of design, the city is a great canvas with endless potential for identity building and for vibrancy and wellbeing for the community. Importantly, good design can elevate a genuine sense of place and space which people can live, work and enjoy lives, and enjoy the wide range of city offerings. Design masters, aspiring creative powers and cultural advocates gather to inspire the co-creation of people cities that could weave in human values, legacy, innovation and technology, and sustainable development.