Lay Koon Tan

Co-founder, Nature Squared, UK

Lay Koon Tan has had an unusual career path. In 2000, she forsook the boardrooms of the City of London to found Nature Squared, an ethical business grounded on sustainability that re-imagines waste natural materials as stunning, luxurious surfaces.


20 years on, Nature Squared is synonymous with sustainability, innovation and unrivalled quality, embodying Lay Koon’s original ambitions. Their products are found in the most exclusive surroundings, from the Rolls-Royce Phantom’s dashboard to iconic superyacht, residential, hospitality and commercial interiors.

Lay Koon Tan

Co-founder, Nature Squared, UK

Speaker Sessions

Friday, 04 Dec, 16:00 Circular Magic in Nature, People and Planet

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Harrods Shoe Heaven -Subtle table displays in white eggshell, a perennial Nature Squared classic, at once subtle, intriguing and contemporary © Harrods

Feathers in flight - furniture clad in pheasant feathers feature in this Boeing interior © Warja Borges

Nature Squared's tobacco leaf panelling pays homage to the rich cigar tradition in the Kempinski Munich's smoking lounge

Rolls Royce - Nature Squared © Lol Keegan

Inspired by fishscales, this walling glows gold. One of many stunning surfaces from Nature Squared on this luxury 88m superyacht