Lay Koon Tan

Nature Squared, 共同创办人, 英国

在2000年,原先任职于伦敦商界的Lay Koon Tan毅然辞职,创立Nature Squared,从此展开不平凡的事业。该公司以可持续发展为原则,致力把平凡的天然材料转化为优雅高贵的表面物料。


20年之后,Nature Squared以可持续发展、创新及优质而见称,亦实现了 Lay Koon的创业初衷。该公司的产品获多家高级品牌使用,包括劳斯莱斯「幻影」高级轿车仪表板、超级游艇、住宅、酒店及商业室内设计。

Lay Koon Tan

Nature Squared, 共同创办人, 英国

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2020年12月04日, 16:00 Circular Magic in Nature, People and Planet

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Harrods Shoe Heaven -Subtle table displays in white eggshell, a perennial Nature Squared classic, at once subtle, intriguing and contemporary © Harrods

Feathers in flight - furniture clad in pheasant feathers feature in this Boeing interior © Warja Borges

Nature Squared's tobacco leaf panelling pays homage to the rich cigar tradition in the Kempinski Munich's smoking lounge

Rolls Royce - Nature Squared © Lol Keegan

Inspired by fishscales, this walling glows gold. One of many stunning surfaces from Nature Squared on this luxury 88m superyacht